Tale for 2017 juryen

Onsdag d. 22 august holdt Den Kreative og Kulturelle Ungdomsuddannelse en to minutters lyn-tale for 2017 […]

Onsdag d. 22 august holdt Den Kreative og Kulturelle Ungdomsuddannelse en to minutters lyn-tale for 2017 juryen. Talen havde til formål at styrke Aarhus´profil i kampen mod Sønderborg om at blive Europæisk Kulturhovedstad 2017.
Og det LYKKEDES!!!

Herunder kan I læse den tale, som vi holdt for 2017 juryen:

“We need to rethink our youth educations in Denmark and we need to develop new and innovative educations if we want to reach the vision of securing 95% of all young people a basic youth education.

Therefore we want to create a new Education in Denmark.
We call it The Creative and Cultural Youth Education.

The creative industries are expanding. New jobs are being created and more skilled labour in the creative sector is demanded.

We need to ensure a connection between the basic creative school system and the cultural and aesthetic university educations.

That is why we should start a new Youth Education that can offer all the creative and artistic engaged young people an educational platform where they can develop their competencies and fulfil their interests and dreams.

The target for this education is young people between 16 and 24 years who want to dedicate themselves to a life with culture, art and creativity.

The Education last three years and will have Four Creative and Artistic Main Areas:

  1. Performing arts
  2. Design
  3. Communication
  4. Cultural production

The school will accommodate 500 students.
Half the time the students will receive education at the school and half the time they will receive education facilitated by the cultural and creative industry.

We have already established cooperation between more than 50 partners within the cultural and creative industry in the region.
Organisations who want this education and who are ready to participate in the developing process – because they want to take responsibility for our young Peoples education.

Our aim is to start a trial education programme from August 2015, launching in our Region.
Eventually we wish, and hope, to become a national and international education.”